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The Covid-19 pandemic and the severe and extended quarantine restrictions of the Philippine government have made me realize the importance of family and community. I had been made to believe by what I think is capitalist propaganda that we should be independent and individualistic. By espousing those beliefs, I had been very keen on limiting my dependencies on other people and vice-versa. Why I think this to be capitalist propaganda is because I see now that such behavior will eventually lead one to loneliness or a life of struggling alone. And when we’re struggling or sad we get baited by…

The Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing social restrictions highlighted what being privileged means in a poor country with poor governance.

In the first few weeks of lockdown restrictions, the privileged complained of boredom, their only travel being a short drive to the supermarket. The majority worried about having no work and income, and having to walk long distances under the summer sun with absolutely no public transportation to purchase essentials.

As the government slowly opened up the economy, the privileged continued to lament being stuck at home. …

The flexibility in atheism is that I can choose to believe in nothing or in everything.
I use atheism loosely here because I’ve never really studied what it means, and I think a dogma would be self-defeating.
I liken it to the character Pi in Yann Martel’s novel where he believes in Hindu gods and a Muslim and a Christian god, understanding that the ultimate purpose of any form of spirituality is to have a better, kinder, more peaceful and loving life.
Preach to me about your religion and I won’t scoff, I won’t judge; having no faith of my own to critique…

It’s 6:30 am, I’m up too early, I’m dressed, and I’m already within the vicinity of the office. I take this rare spare time in the morning to have good breakfast since this is my favorite meal of the day, and the morning my favorite time.

I also take this time to mull over a thought that crossed my mind while on the bus yesterday morning:

With the culmination of certain events in the past year, and also having reached my 30s, I’ve come to think that routine might not be a bad thing after all. Just like habitual exercise…

This was how I eventually dealt with my depression more than a decade ago (important: art and storyline in the picture are not mine*). I even wrote a poem in the same line of thought. If there was any good brought about by depression, it’s bringing out what little artistic talent I had. I had a collection of poems then. That said, I also had medical help – this is important. …

Zera D.

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