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This was how I eventually dealt with my depression more than a decade ago (important: art and storyline in the picture are not mine*). I even wrote a poem in the same line of thought. If there was any good brought about by depression, it’s bringing out what little artistic talent I had. I had a collection of poems then. That said, I also had medical help – this is important. I had been thinking about revealing this side of me with Bourdain’s death, as we hear about suicide cases more and more lately, and stressing the importance of help for depression.

Depression is not always tied to a specific event: not loss, death of someone, a failed relationship, or anything. Depression pops out of the blue, for no apparent reason, and then lingers and recurs. This is why it’s been viewed as a medical condition: it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain. It was difficult for me to understand the lingering sadness (although it more accurately felt like emptiness) that I could not attribute to anything.

With help, I have overcome depression. These days, I know sadness, just like happiness, is fleeting. It comes and goes. Knowing that makes it easier not to blow it out of proportion.

The story in the picture describes how I deal with the occasional sadness today; although now I always like to attribute it to hormones. I no longer bother writing poems. I just make long, random (but I’d like to think meaningful) Facebook posts.

P.S. This post was transferred from my Facebook page to Medium. I thought that this way, I won’t be force-feeding long posts about my thoughts to Facebook friends who are really on the platform for 9Gag stories and friends’ photos.

*I found the graphical story on a 9Gag post. Thank you to the artist, whoever you are, for illustrating what sadness feels.